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Financial Education: Terms and Education

The role of Quest Education is to be a representative to the client.

We at Quest Education can:

  • Educate on IRA and 401k plan options – Explain the benefits of Self-Directed accounts

  • Assist the client with opening an account with a specialized custodian – Assist the client to understand paperwork that they are filling out for custodians

  • Help explain the overall process to the clients

  • Quest Education is a Custodial Representative and cannot give investment advice.

We at Quest Education do not:

  • Give investment advice to clients

  • Sell investments

  • Determine the Suitability of Investments

  • Provide Due Diligence on your Investments

  • Help process investments or paperwork for investments

  • Give Tax Advice

We are not and do not act in the capacity of any of the following; as such, you should not construe our activities as involving any of the following:

  • An independent advisor or consultant

  • Providing investment advice

  • Acting in the capacity of an investment adviser or engaging in activities that would be deemed to be providing investment advice that requires registration either at the federal or state level

  • Broker-dealer activities or acting in the capacity of a registered representative or broker

  • Stock picker

  • Securities trading expert

  • Securities researcher or analyst

  • Financial planner or financial planning

  • Provider of stock recommendations

  • Provider of advice about buy and sell or hold recommendations as to specific securities

  • Making an offer or sale of securities or solicitation to purchase securities

Because Quest Education cannot and will not sell investments we have established relationships with companies that can talk to you about investments. These companies take full responsibility for giving you investment advice and placing you into investments. We encourage all clients to do their own due diligence in any investment they decide to do.

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