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Wellness Poll Slowdowns and lost productivity caused by illness on the job may account for up to 60% of employer healthcare costs. There is currently no poll to display.
What is YourQuest Corporate Wellness Solutions?
YourQuest is a comprehensive wellness company that assists employers with the promotion of a healthy worksite culture by rewarding healthy lifestyle choices. This in turn helps to stabilize health insurance costs for the company and its employees. Our turnkey approach to wellness and health promotion is PRIVATE- PORTABLE – and SECURE! Our main goal is to engage employees to change their high-risk lifestyle behaviors and lower their risk for high-cost PREVENTABLE diseases.

Company Benefits.  Costs come in these forms: Employee Benefits.  Costs come in these forms:
Frequent employee absences Feel poorly
Reduced productivity Get sick more often
Loss of creativity Develop chronic diseases like stroke, heart attack, cancer and diabetes
Higher healthcare costs Live and work below their full potential
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Why a wellness program?
Studies show that Americans are becoming alarmingly overweight, more sedentary and increasingly unhealthy.

While the statistics concerning the cost of unhealthy habits versus the payoff for adopting healthier ones are compelling, they pretty much point to the same conclusion:

Unhealthy=high health care cost. Behavior change + Lifestyle choice = Lower Health Risk & Low Healthcare cost.  The good news is that the right employee wellness solution can create healithier, more productive employees with a bottom-lin payoff. How? By preventing expensive and debilitating chronic conditions through true behavior change.