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Access your 401k & IRA Penalty and Tax- Free using The Quest Way.

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What sets Quest Education apart from the rest?

In regards to your IRA/401k, does it take a while for you to get your questions answered? Do you call into the company and get a different person every time? With us, you have a dedicated account manager and a team based in the USA that gets back to your questions and requests FAST!

Invest In More

With Quest Education, there’s a world of investment opportunity out there waiting for you. Take advantage of options outside of the stock market, in a penalty and tax-friendly manner.

The Quest Way

What does the Quest Way stand for? It stands for Quickly Utilizing Everyone's Special Talents to Welcome and Assist You. This represents one of company's core values. Our diverse and robust team is here to serve you.

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As seen on one of the most trusted review platforms in the world our customers' authentic reviews far outpace others in quality and quantity.


We are proud of our trusted, long-term industry relationships we have developed and maintained throughout the years.


Quest Education will teach you how to access and control retirement accounts penalty and tax-free, how to reap the benefits of Being Your Own Bank, and how to have freedom outside of the Stock Market.

Best in class support

You are not just a number in the eyes of our company. You matter to us and we pride ourselves in getting back to our customers requests as soon as possible. Our goal is to have you feel like you're a part of a world-class customer experience.

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Quest Education helps self-employed individuals, independent contractors, and entrepreneurs access their retirement account Penalty and Tax-Free.


Fire Your Banker and Become Your Own Bank the Quest Way.

For individuals with self-employment income, the Self-Directed Solo 401(k) is the premier retirement account. Secure your retirement with unlimited investment options, high contribution limits, and ultimate flexibility.
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Debt Solutions

Quest Education has taught thousands of Americans how to access trapped assets in their IRA or 401K to help them pay-off high-interest debt without tax or penalties.

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Business Funding

Use A Solo 401(k) To Start, Fund, or Infuse Capital into a Business without a Bank, Credit Checks, Personal, or Business Revenue.

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Alternative Investments

Retirement investing options are NOT limited to the Traditional Stock and Bond Markets. The Quest Way, you are free to invest your retirement savings where and how you want!


Don't take our word for it

Renee Sobotka
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I receive fast, thorough, and excellent service from Quest Education. The process for converting my traditional and Roth IRA‘s to self-directed IRA‘s was seamless.
Eric Ivory
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I am so grateful for the education provided to help me not only get out of debt years earlier than I ever thought possible, but also how to more effectively save and maximize my retirement monies and options.
Cheryl Ann
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I love Quest Education. They are always on the lookout for our accounts, and provide us with very helpful information and support.

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It's Your Money, allow us to teach you how to Access, Control, and Liberate your Retirement Accounts Today.
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The problems we solve for you.

401(k) plans are too complex and difficult to understand.
Our support team is here to make sure that your account is opened, funded, and invested. We know that situations are unique and questions come up, so our team is here to support you. Reviewed as “Best in class support.”
It takes too long to do the research and figure out what will work for my situation or small business.
All our plans are low-cost and flat-fee. Our free consultation will help you determine your needs based on your goals. Most consultations require just 15 to 30 minutes.
It’s too expensive.
Quest Education charges low, flat fees and doesn’t ever charge fees based on the size of your retirement plan. This is just one of the things that sets us apart from our competitors.
Which plan is right for me?
We help you identify and plan for your goals. We provide recommendations to reduce your tax business tax liability and minimize the fixed costs of administering your plan.
Outside of tax savings, I don’t see any other benefits

Investment Options – Invest in anything allowed by the IRS. Loan Capability – Borrow up to 50% of the account value or $50k (whichever is less) from your Solo 401(k), and pay yourself back over time. High Contributions – You can contribute up to $58k to your Solo, and take huge tax deductions. Enjoy deferred taxes, or no taxes, on all gains inside your Quest Way account.

The team at Quest Education is phenomenal! They take care of you every step of the way from making sure you have all the information you need to make important financial decisions to just being patient and accessible. My father recommended Quest to me and it has been one of the best financial moves I’ve ever made. Thank you to the Quest Team with a special shout out to my Educator Chris White!!!

Jessica McKinnie

United States

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